Since I was a child I’ve sought new and different ways of expressing my creativity. For the past two decades the humble button has provided me my canvas, my lifebloCraizy Daisy (640x640)od, my passion and a creative niche that allows me to commune with the world in a way that is uniquely me.

My style is all about fun, bright and interesting colour combinations. Experimenting with shape, patterns, texture and colour in unusual ways. I love turning that tiny button someone has had stashed in cupboard for a million years into something that is out there for all to enjoy!

As the business grows and our desire to remain unique strengthens, we often create our own buttons from fabric, resin and all manner of materials. Many of our buttons are also ones that we have sketched and then had transformed into laser cut buttons.

Owning a piece of jewellery which is quirky, original and completely unique can make the wearer feel extraordinary. Coupled with the compliments of friends, family and even strangers, our creations can make you feel confident, proud, playful and uplifted all at the same time. Its amazing what a simple button can do!

clock_27cm_RainbowGreenDots_02 (640x640)Today Addicted to Buttons is a family owned and run business, working together to shape these unpretentious and simple items that, by themselves, would go unnoticed, into spectacular pieces of jewellery and homewares.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website, our Facebook page and our Madeit store. We would love you to even visit us at one of the many markets we attend during the year.

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Yours in button madness and addiction . . .  Kylie and the Button Boys

50's Photoshoot

Oh and just a little WARNING: Buttons are Addictive!