Mr Gobby Buttons and his mischief!

Hello everyone… my name is Mr GOBBY BUTTONS….
and yes i am Addicted to Buttons . . .
you see i like to follow around the Button Boys where they be….
I am a little crazy, a little left of centre,
but most of all between you and me, I bring glee…

I am not a litter bug, but i am a loving leaver before i flee….
Can you figure out where i may be?

The Button Leader likes to snap so on Instagram and in Facebook land you may see a little post of me before i flee…
find my lovingly left button present for thee and yours it shall be….

For those who see my snap, be the first on Instagram or Facebook – yes one on each – to comment where you see i may be and email our fearless Button Leader to claim a lovingly left button present for you from me!

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September 21 – Gobby Buttons went to Ikea
oh where oh where has Gobby Buttons been? The adventures he has seen with a spring in his step…. I do believe a button lovely has been left. … #addictedtobuttons_gobbybuttons #addictedtobuttons

 September 22 – Gobby Buttons went to see Ninja Turtles at Limelight
Gobby Buttons has gone off to play.. .. he thinks he can ninja kick but really he isn’t so quick…. by the river he may see the light….. he has left a lovely button present where somone is sure to find it…. do you know where Gobby is and what he is doing?
#addictedtobuttons_gobbybuttons  #buttonaddict


September 23 – Gobby Buttons scared by jumping out of the PO Box
BOOOO! O jeepers creepers Gobby Buttons…. how did you get in there! Seriously Mr you are meant to be helping! do you know where Gobby has been? #addictedtobuttons_gobbybuttons #addictedtobuttons  #buttonaddict


Robot Party Time

The Button Boys and I took time out this weekend to Toby8th_signs_01 (640x640)celebrate Mr 7 becoming Mr 8.  With a love of Space, Robots and Aliens – the theme was ROBOTS!  We couldn’t have achieved what we did without the help, suggestions and ideas from our followers on facebook - so thank you!  We thought that you would like to see what we did and in some cases how we did it.  Thanks for riding the rocket ship with us to Mr 8′s Robot World!

Toby8th_robotcutout (640x640)
The Button Boys worked hard – i just had to keep handing them supplies . . . first came the list of food and what it could be called – it was very entertaining indeed – albeit quiet gross at time too!  Space Junk, Robot Waste, Robot Oil, Asteroids, Start Dust, Moon Rocks and so so so much more!  With the use of our computer and the Cricut cutting machine we made signs and cut out a phenomenal number of robots.  Thank goodness for my sToby8th_foodcontainers (640x640)crapbooking supply stash!

Toby8th_FoodSigns (640x640)Slowly but surely things were coming together – our kitchen table was a wash of silver foil!  Yep, the one supply that I had to ensure we had plenty of was alfoil!! Loads of it – we covered plates bowls and jars in the stuff!  We also used a lot of the foil food containers too.  Some on there own – others flipped and stuck to each other to create height and interesting shapes.

Toby8th_Kylie (640x640)

Then came the clothes and accessories . . . Mr 8 wanted some shorts and well with that also came a matching shirt.  I forgot how much fun it is to make clothes for the boys… I even managed to get him on the machine doing a bit of the stitching!

Toby8th_outfit (640x640)

Robot Outfit – Designed by Mr 8 and Sewn by his Mum (me!)
Computer Chip Button Necklace by Addicted to Buttons (oh that’s me too!)

I also needed something to wear – so the Buttons I made with recycled computer bits were put to use and turned into a necklace for me to wear.  He kept telling all his friends when they arrived – “make sure you check our MY mum’s necklace – its sooooo cool!” {excuse the bad pic!}

Toby8th_party boxes (640x640)Thank goodness for some online shopping and ebay to get some bits and pieces to help create and add to the theme of things.  We managed to find some decorations and different foods through ebay.  We also managed to find the “thank you boxes” from The Party Cupboard   -  these Robot boxes were perfect.

We filled them with some robot figurines, milky way, mars bars and some robot stickers.

Toby8th_macarons (640x640)We had the help of Velvetier who we met through
The Handmade Expo Markets with some Asteroids (macarons) and Robot Self Portraits (robot cookies). Saym did an amazing job on them!  We cannot thank her enough for these – they were a HUGE hit with the boys!  Ok so maybe having macarons on the party table might have been a little selfish on my part . . .  as I am just a little addicted to hers … but they were still all devoured!

Toby8th_robot cookies (640x640)

Cookies and Macaroons by Velvetier

Toby8th_spaceJunk (640x640)

The boys made were brilliant at helping with the other food preparations.  Together we made Space Junk (like chocolate crackles) out of chex and m&m’s.  They also enjoyed colourful chocolate being moulded into robots!  We had Star shaped fairy bread, Alien Worms, Saturns Rings, Computer Chips, Robot Oil and despite their names – all yummy and devoured by the boys!  There were loads of giggles for sure! Toby8th_Icing (640x640)

Toby8th_robot choc (640x640)







The cake . . . well . . . hours of prep work and I was stoked with the end result…. Mudcake, jam rolls, and basic chocolate cake was under the sparkling silver icing.  Thank goodness a random look on a shelf at the supermarket resulted in the finding of black food colouring!  Oreos and Jumbo Jaffas also helped put him together.  He looked great!  Certainly worth all the effort and a kitchen floor covered in edible glitter.  We won’t talk about how much flour ended up on me!

Toby8th_cake_01 (640x640)  Toby8th_taking shape (640x640) Yummy Yummy Cake!  Oreos, Jam Rolls, Edible Glitter, Smarties, Icing . . . and love!

Toby8th_robotarm (640x640)



Robot Cake – certainly a labor of love  – Made by us and devoured by Robots!
With the weather deciding to make the robots creak and nearly rust – we had a mad dash to clean out the garage and make room for the party.  With loads of bunting and balloons it worked quiet well in the end.  My fabric stash also came in extremely handy for covering up resin supplies and randomly stored garage bits and pieces.

Toby8th_garage (640x640)

We also had to make a decision about the much anticipated jumping castle from Ipswich Toy Hire . . . thanks to their advice we opted for a water slide instead . . . my goodness what a hit that was!

Yes, even Mr Buttons got in on the fun….. now how many towels do you think we went through . . .  lets just say there wasn’t a dry one in the house!Toby8th_andrewsliding (640x640)

We also kept the boys entertained with traditional things like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Pass the Parcel.  But we also had heaps of fun with a roll of alfoil, boxes, sticky tape and crepe paper!  Mr 10 volunteered to be transformed into a robot.  Quiet hilarious indeed!  Once one child was done – we had to do more until we ran out of alfoil.Toby8th_alfoilrobot (640x640)

All in all the day for Mr 8 was a huge hit! 

He was thrilled  . . . we were exhausted . . . and the sleepover was yet to come!

Thankfully the rain didn’t rust any robots and those robots not sleeping over all left happy at 4pm . . . .and in true form Mother Nature decided at 4.30pm to turn on the sunshine!

Toby8th_foodtable (640x640)