Mr Gobby Buttons and his mischief!

Hello everyone… my name is Mr GOBBY BUTTONS….
and yes i am Addicted to Buttons . . .
you see i like to follow around the Button Boys where they be….
I am a little crazy, a little left of centre,
but most of all between you and me, I bring glee…

I am not a litter bug, but i am a loving leaver before i flee….
Can you figure out where i may be?

The Button Leader likes to snap so on Instagram and in Facebook land you may see a little post of me before i flee…
find my lovingly left button present for thee and yours it shall be….

For those who see my snap, be the first on Instagram or Facebook – yes one on each – to comment where you see i may be and email our fearless Button Leader to claim a lovingly left button present for you from me!

email the Button Leader –
Find our Instagram –
Find our Facebook –

… oh and if you love to snap yourself on Instagram, we would love to see you with your lovingly left button present – be sure to #addictedtobuttons before you flee!

September 21 – Gobby Buttons went to Ikea
oh where oh where has Gobby Buttons been? The adventures he has seen with a spring in his step…. I do believe a button lovely has been left. … #addictedtobuttons_gobbybuttons #addictedtobuttons

 September 22 – Gobby Buttons went to see Ninja Turtles at Limelight
Gobby Buttons has gone off to play.. .. he thinks he can ninja kick but really he isn’t so quick…. by the river he may see the light….. he has left a lovely button present where somone is sure to find it…. do you know where Gobby is and what he is doing?
#addictedtobuttons_gobbybuttons  #buttonaddict


September 23 – Gobby Buttons scared by jumping out of the PO Box
BOOOO! O jeepers creepers Gobby Buttons…. how did you get in there! Seriously Mr you are meant to be helping! do you know where Gobby has been? #addictedtobuttons_gobbybuttons #addictedtobuttons  #buttonaddict